Founded in 2001, Lifestyledesign Inc. is a preeminent Industrial Design agency located in Santa Barbara, California. Our capabilities span the development process from project inception to the production and implementation of world class products and brands. Our passion is the design and development of impactful product solutions that resonate culturally and emotionally with target audiences.

We focus on contributing a thorough, concise understanding of user lifestyles and needs, market positioning, and brand awareness to the design/development process. Our clients invariably rely on our ability to apply design thinking, innovation, ID strategy, product development, line planning, and new opportunity roadmaps. Through this holistic lens we instill new life into existing brands and build new brands from scratch. We consistently deliver newness and excitement to help our clients expand their profit potential and market share.

As a strategic design partner, Lifestyledesign innovates at the intersection of advanced technology and breaking fashion to conceive comprehensive design solutions that drive industry trends.